About Me

So I did this slightly back to front. Last year I was made redundant from my Job as a Community Projects Co-ordinator at a local charity; and in a moment of great wisdom I decided that I was going to earn a living from blogging. So I started up The Relationship Blogger. It’s been about six months now and I’m beginning to realise that I’m enjoying writing so much that I want to write about so much more, yet my other blog won’t allow it because it has a Niche.

And then this blog was born. A place to write about anything I want to without having to justify to myself that it covers a certain genre. I hope you enjoy my work. Please sit down, relax and chill.

15 Random facts about myself

  1. I spent 5 years in the good old U.S.S.R behind the Iron Curtain in my childhood
  2. I own a relationships and mental health self-hosted blog
  3. I was once an alcoholic and dedicated 10 years of my life to change
  4. I was once picked for the Scotland Under 14’s Golf Team
  5. I mentored a gentleman over a period of two years that went on to win a national award
  6. I live in England but I am originally from Scotland
  7. My Dad worked in the Nuclear Industry which had us travelling the world when I was young (hence USSR)
  8. I’m extremely open to differing viewpoints – please feel free to leave a comment! Everyone welcome
  9. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Schizo-effective disorder that was later re-diagnosed to nothing.
  10. I was a Trustee at my local Citizens Advice Bureau
  11. I’ve had an extremely diverse and difficult youth and young adulthood
  12. I have a lovely wife and son that I am continually learning from
  13. My Son, bless him, has Autism
  14. I’ve been blogging for 4 years now! I use it for self-analysis too.
  15. If you want to start up a conversation with me ask me what my favourite coffee is. That’ll get me going!

3 thoughts on “About Me

    • Raymond says:

      Well noticed! I’m such a coffee addict now that the alcohol is out the window. My absolute favourite blend it Nescafe – Alta Rica but that is instant blend. And I know Americans frown upon instant (I assume you’re American?) so my favourite ground coffee would be Taylors from harrogate rich Italian.

      It always surprises me visiting other countries how their coffee methods are far more superior to ours. Perhaps that because our drinking alcohol methods are far superior to others.

      Haha! You’ve started something now. See? I told you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • amommasview says:

        Hahaha… oh well… Nope, I’m actually Swiss but live in Australia for a looooooong time already. We have a huge coffee culture down here. So I kind of frown upon instant coffee too although I do like some of them and they are so nice and easy. I like my Nespresso capsule system (not buying Nespresso capsules all the time, there are good other ones too nowadays…). Love my coffee…


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