when life deals you lemons

When life deals you lemons..

…make lemonade.

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My path to change

My path to change

It’s a long and complex story this one. It wasn’t just straight forward change. There were lots and lots stagnation points in my life. I have a lazy streak that’s absolutely horrible and I can end up doing next to nothing all day. However, I have learned to try and fix this when I notice it happening. So this will be the most detailed explanation I have ever given on how I changed my life around from the spiralling mess it once was. I’ll start at the beginning.

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depression is an evil liar

Depression is an evil Liar

Many moons ago I suffered from deep, deep depression. Imagine the kind of depression that walks into your life out of nowhere and slowly kills a part of you. When that part is gone then it jumps inside of you, replacing what once was a part of you and now exists as a deep dark void in a pit of bile and nastiness. Slowly, it envelopes your soul and all that you once were. You become a mere shadow of your former self. This is what I had. I’ll tell you my story.

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Why do we hate so much and care so little

Why do we hate so much and care so little?

The world has changed. The world has got up and changed in a big ol’ hurry. And not like the slow progression you can read through the history books over a Millennia, I mean actual immediate change. In less than 20 years we’ve  went from the talkative, social and integrated society that we all knew and loved. To the interconnected but disconnected from reality digital whirlwind that we exist as now.

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